Damaged Instant Pot? Learn If It’s Safe To Use & How To Fix It.

Damaged Instant Pots showing ERROR in front of red background

Although Instant Pots are made to be durable, physical damage can still happen. You can experience issues like dents, scratches, and even melted bottoms on your instant pot. So If you’re wondering if you have a damaged instant pot and are wondering if it’s safe to use and how to fix it, you’re in the right place.  

In most cases, your Instant Pot is safe to use if there are minor exterior scratches or dents. This type of damage is purely cosmetic. The Instant pot’s outer skin is mainly ornamental. However, You should contact a service technician or get a replacement if there is any server damage to electronics, inner pot, or the internals.


This article covers some reparation procedures for damaged Instant pots, like warped interiors, melted bottoms, and dented exteriors. Continue reading to learn more. 

Instant pot inner pot warped: should I use it or replace it?

Instant pots, over time, can begin to show some wear and tear. Because of use, the inside of the pot can become warped and folded, and it begs the question, is it safe for use?

Well! It all depends on one thing – is the pot leaky, or does it hold liquids just fine without it sipping out?

You can do a water test to check if it doesn’t leak. If it doesn’t leak, it’s safe for use, and you can probably get some more mileage out of the pot. But if the damage is severe, causing leakage of the water, then you should get it replaced right away. Of course, it’s only possible to keep using the pot so long as the outside is perfectly sealed, even though it may also be slightly dented.

Dropped my Instant pot? Here’s what to do to make it safe. 

In the event you drop your Instant pot,  here’s what you can do

  • The first step is to assess the nature of the damage. Check the lid and locking mechanism of the pot if it still fits well and can be securely covered. Also, inspect the overall external and internal bodywork of the pot. Are there any dents on the inside/outside?
  • If the lid can’t be securely covered, then you may consider replacing the lid or getting a new pot altogether. That’s because if the lid can’t be securely covered, then the pot wouldn’t be able to pressurize to its fullest, and that would definitely affect the amount of time food would get cooked, and it might even cause foods not to get fully cooked.
  • If the lid is securely covered after the fall, check if the pot has incurred any leakages. You can use the water test. Simply put some water in the pot and observe the pot for any leakages. If there are any leakages from the pot, you might either need to replace the inner part of the pot or detach and reattach the bottom or get a new pot altogether. In some cases, the bottom may have detached, and it would take some screwing to get it back into position. If that doesn’t work, you can order a new pot to be on the safe side.
  • If there are no leakages from the pot, all you may have to deal with is a dent on the pot, and depending on the location and severity of the dent, you may either ignore it or dismantle the pot and try to flatten it out. If either way fails, then consider getting a new pot.

Instant pot error code explained: most popular errors and what they mean.

As you use your Instant pot, you may experience some error codes. Here is a list of the most popular error codes you can get while using an Instant pot and what they mean.

 Error CodeError Code Explained
1BurnThis code doesn’t, in any way, imply that your Instant Pot is burning or on fire. This code is an indicator that there is overheating. Instant Pots are designed to detect high temperatures > 280 degrees at the bottom of the inner pot and would trigger a burn alert while retarding heating. Essentially, you’re scorching your meal on the pan’s bottom. So, be sure to include enough liquid in the pot. Also, be sure not to place tomato or acidic items on the bottom of the pot. Rather add them on top of everything else and do not stir.
2C1If you get a C1 error message displayed on your Instant Pot, unplug it immediately. It means there is a faulty pressure sensor. Refer the problem to customer care for the brand.
3C2If you get a C2 error message displayed on your Instant Pot, unplug it immediately. There is a faulty pressure sensor and a short circuit. Refer the problem to customer care for the brand.
4C5If you get a C5 error message displayed on your Instant Pot, it means the inner pot isn’t seated properly.
5C6If you get a C6 error message displayed on your Instant Pot, unplug it immediately. There is a faulty pressure sensor. Refer the problem to customer care for the brand.
6C7The C7 error code is a relatively new error that is mostly applicable to the Instant Pot EVO modules. If your Instant Pot displays a C7 error message, it means the heating element has failed, there isn’t enough liquid, or the quick-release lever is in the vent position. If the error notice remains after checking the vent release valve and confirming that the minimum volume of liquid necessary for pressure is present, you should contact the brand’s customer service.
7LIDThe LID error code means the lid isn’t properly seated.
8noPRIf your Instant Pot displays a noPR error message, it implies it is unable to attain pressure. This might be due to a blocked gasket, inadequate liquid in the pot, or the gasket being worn thin.
9OvhtThis error acts similarly to the BURN error code. It’s a safety precaution as your Instant Pot is on the verge of overheating. This error suspends any further heating.

Instant pot inner pot scratched.

As you use your Instant pot, it can begin to scratch up, especially on the inner part of the pot. 

Now, minor scratches are completely fine, as they show that you’re using your pot and part of the normal wear and tea process. 

However, when the scratch becomes exceptionally deep, you may want to assess whether there is a leak in the interior. You can use the water test to do this. Put some water in the pot and observe any leakages. If there are none, then the pot is completely fine, and you can go on using it. However, any leakages indicate that you should probably get a new pot.

Also, it is advisable to get a new pot for deep scratches for safety reasons.

Where to get an Instant pot replacement part?

Irrespective of whether you acquired your Instant Pot years ago or are new to the pothead world, it is possible to replace almost every part of your instant pot. These replacement parts can be found on Amazon, Walmart, and Instant Port retailers and suppliers like Instant Home

You could also get replacements from the brand from which you bought the Instant pot, and that could be advantageous as warranty features may earn you a price deduction.

Most Instant pot and accessories vendors usually offer a warranty for up to one year from the date of purchase of the pot. To benefit from this warranty, you will need to register your product with the vendor. So, be sure to inquire about this as you purchase an Instant pot or even replacement parts of the Instant pot.

Can I replace the bottom cover of my Instant pot? (if I accidentally melted its base).

Despite the fact that Instant pots are designed to be resistant, physical damage can nevertheless occur. The melting bottom problem is a frequent example of this. This problem is very common and very serious simultaneously, occurring mainly because many Instant pot owners tend to put their Instant Pots on the stove and turn the burner on, accidentally or on purpose. 

As a result, the bottom of the pot would melt gradually, and only if you act in time would you be able to save the point. 

Now, there is a different base for almost every Instant pot model out there. Still, they usually don’t come with an inner pot, power cord, condensation cup, or accompanying accessories.


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