Use a North American Instant Pot In Europe [Answered]

The Instant Pot has taken the world by storm. This all-in-one cooker has given home chefs and busy homeowners alike the ability to create their favorite gourmet meals easily and quickly. But if you’re planning to move to Europe from North America, you might be wondering if you can bring your Instant Pot along and use it there.

Yes, you can use an American-bought Instant Pot in Europe. However, before you plug it into any power socket in Europe, you must always ensure that you have the necessary voltage converter device. European appliances run on 220v, while North American appliances run on 110v – as you can tell by the numerical difference between the two, this 100v difference can cause some serious damage to your Instant Pot.

Additionally, European wall socket outlets are Type C, while North American wall sockets are Type A and Type B.

How to use a North American Instant Pot in Europe?

If you want to use your North American Instant Pot in Europe, you’re going to need to get a voltage converter. This device enables you to use your Instant Pot in any country in Europe safely.

Voltage converters work by changing the input voltage from the main wall socket into a specific voltage that is required for the appliance that is being used. For example, if a European wall socket gives an output of 220v, by plugging in a North American-Europe specific voltage converter in the wall socket first, it turns into 110v, which is generally safe for all North American appliances.

In order to use your North American Instant Pot in Europe, simply plug in your North American-specific voltage converter into the Type-C European wall socket first, then plug in your Type A or Type B North American Instant Pot’s power plug into the inputs found on the voltage converter. Most voltage converters are built with many plug options for their input side, so find the input that looks like the Type A or B North American plug.

Once you’ve done the above steps, the voltage that is currently running through the entire chain is a safe 110v, which allows you to use your North American Instant Pot without risk of damage.

Best voltage converters to use for an Instant Pot

There’s no doubt that voltage converters are one of those electronic devices that are easily found on the market today. Because of that, you might not know if your voltage converter is a cheap, mass-made product that is built to last only a few uses.

If you want to use your Instant Pot (or any other North American appliances) in Europe, you’ll need a voltage converter that works well, for as long as you need it to. Here are some of the best North American – European voltage converters you can find today.

  1. BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter

This compact voltage converter and travel adapter combination is one of the best for devices that run on 110v. It features patented technology that converts voltage safely for different countries such as Australia, North America, Japan, and Europe.

It also has USB outlets (isolated from the AC power so that it doesn’t damage your USB devices) so you can charge up your smartphone or other devices while your Instant Pot is cooking your meals.

  1. Foval Power Step Down Voltage Converter

If you’re looking for a voltage converter that can power all your North American appliances in Europe or anywhere over 150 countries in the world, this is one to consider.

The Foval voltage converter is passport sized and highly portable, and contains 4 USB inputs that allow you to charge multiple devices while also using your Instant Pot at the same time. The voltage converter also has an auto shutdown feature in the case of a power surge, protecting all your devices plugged into it.

  1. DoAce Travel Voltage Converter

The DoAce Travel Voltage Converter steps down any 220v or foreign voltage wall socket sources into a safe 110v/120v U.S standard device voltage. The smart dual USB ports can power all USB charging devices so that you can simply charge your smartphones or cameras while your Instant Pot is plugged in and in use simultaneously.

It is designed with surge protection as well, with an auto shut-off function that protects your devices and appliances in the case of short circuits, voltage overloads, and high operating temperatures.

It is worth noting that while all European countries have the same Type-C wall socket, Italy uses a Type-F and Type-L wall socket, which means you’ll need a suitable travel adapter if your voltage converter doesn’t have the Type-F or Type-L attachments. So if you’re spending some time in romantic Rome or sunny Positano, ensure you have the right wall socket attachments with your voltage converter.

Is there a dual voltage instant pot?

Unfortunately, no. There is no dual voltage option for North American Instant Pots. The only way you can get around this is to either purchase a step-down voltage converter for your Instant Pot, or purchase an entirely new Instant Pot from the country that you’re going to.

Instant Pots that are sold in every country are designed to follow the voltage requirements of the specific region. However, there are certain countries in the world that share the same voltage outputs even when they’re not in the same region.

For example, a European Instant Pot will not work in North America, but will work in the Philippines as both Europe and the Philippines share 220v wall socket voltage – but only if a travel adapter is used. If in doubt, do some research online about the voltage and socket type of the country that you’re traveling to.

Can I travel with my Instant Pot?

The question is not whether you can travel with your Instant Pot – the question is if you should travel with your Instant Pot?

Traveling to Europe from the U.S with your North American Instant Pot will require you to purchase a high-quality voltage converter first to avoid damaging your Instant Pot. If this seems like an unnecessary additional purchase for you, then you’d probably be better off buying another Instant Pot wherever you’re going that has been built for the local voltage requirements. This is probably a better option when you’re planning to stay in Europe for longer than just a couple of months.

However, if you consider that buying a voltage converter means that you can power your Instant Pot, charge up your USB devices, and also power other U.S appliances simultaneously, it could prove to be worth your money.

Ultimately, it depends on you and your needs – if your North American Instant Pot is something you can’t live without when you first land on European soil, then you should travel with it. Just make sure you have a good high-quality voltage converter that you can use it with to avoid any damage to your Instant Pot.

Difference between 110v and 220v?

110v and 220v outlets have many key differences. Let’s look at some of the main ones below.

110v is used as a catch-all term for all 110v, 115v,120v, and 125v services. Just like how 220v is used in the same way to describe 230v, 240v, and 250v services.

When it comes to visual differences, you’ll find that most, if not all, 110v wall socket outlets look the same. You can tell a 110v outlet by the two vertical slots that are placed next to each other – although one side may be larger than the other depending on if the outlet is polarized. You might also find a third slot that turns the two slots into a three-slot triangle.

220v outlets do not all look the same. This is why while some countries may share the same voltage requirements, their wall sockets require a certain type of travel adapter to be used before plugging in their devices.

110v wall sockets are almost always found in pairs wherever they are. These are called duplexes, whereas a single 220v wall socket can be found anywhere easily.

If you are not sure which voltage the country you’re traveling to using, here’s a list.


The reason why Instant Pots have become one of the top-selling cooking appliances in the market is primarily due to their simplicity and ease of use. You may find that traveling without your Instant Pot is just something that you can’t do, as you still want to make your delicious meals in your Instant Pot wherever you are in the world. Also, there might be some sentimental value attached to this humble appliance.

If you’re traveling to Europe, all you need to do in order to use your Instant Pot there is to purchase a voltage converter that is high quality, like the ones I’ve listed above. These voltage converters conveniently step down the 220v wall socket voltage in all European countries in order to accommodate your U.S Instant Pot’s 110v voltage requirement.

Then you’ll be all set to enjoy cooking your favorite meals in your favorite Instant Pot, without any worries at all.


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