Best Robot Vacuum For Edges & Corners [+ Types To Avoid]

As someone who has spent a lot of time researching and using different types of robot vacuums, I’ve learned a lot about what features are necessary for a robot vacuum to clean edges and corners effectively.

In this article, I’m excited to share my insights with you on the best robot vacuums for edges and corners and the types you should avoid. I’m confident that this article will be a valuable resource for you. So, let’s get started!

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#1. Edges & Corners Option – Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra

Front view of Roborock S7 Maxv Ultra in front of a White Background

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra

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The Roborock S7 is one of the smartest robot mopping and vacuuming combos in the market. It provides an extremely convenient, totally hands-free cleaning experience. Using the Empty Wash Fill Dock, you get automatic dust emptying, mop washing, and robot water tank refilling. The dock even cleans itself too.
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The Roborock S7 Maxv Ultra stands out as the leading option among robot vacuums, equipped with advanced features that are characteristic of a top-tier product.

Its multi-directional floating brushes are designed to effectively dislodge dust from a variety of surfaces, while its powerful suction capability of 5100 Pa takes care of the rest, making it particularly well-suited for cleaning edges and corners.

My Roborock S7 MaxV works so well that I gave it the nickname Rosie, after the sassy robot maid in the 1960s cartoon called the Jetsons. It truly does feel like an extra pair of hands around the home. Well needed especially if you have little ones running around.

What We Like:

  • Use of LiDAR navigation system for precise mapping of the room.
  • Suction power of 5100 Pa for effective dirt removal from the surface.
  • Self-emptying, and self-refilling features ensure a hands-free cleaning experience.
  • Long battery life of around 180 minutes ensures thorough cleaning with little interruption.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The robot vacuum is relatively more expensive than other robot vacuums in the market.

#2. Edges & Corners Option – Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni

Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni

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All-IN-ONE OMNI STATION. A first in the industry. After vacuuming, your DEEBOT returns to the station and automatically empties the dustbin providing a hand-free solution. After mopping, it automatically washes the mop heads and dries them with hot air. Experience a whole new level of freedom from cleaning.
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If you’re looking for a premium robot vacuum with all the necessary features and a stylish design, the Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni is an excellent choice.

This vacuum is particularly adept at cleaning edges and corners, thanks to its use of both side brushes and a main cleaning brush, which work together to ensure thorough cleaning of all surfaces.

Additionally, the robot vacuum boasts a powerful 5000 Pa suction capability, which effectively removes dirt and debris from any surface.

What We Like: 

  • Dual Side Brushes and a Floating Main Brush for thorough cleaning efficiency
  • Large dust bin capacity of 3 liters for less frequent emptying
  • High suction power of 5000 Pa for a deep clean every time
  • Decent battery life of over 2 hours for extended cleaning sessions
  • Laser-based navigation technology for efficient movement and obstacle avoidance

What We Don’t Like:

  • The charging station is relatively large and may take up some space.

#3. Edges & Corners Option – Dreametech L10S Ultra

Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni

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All-IN-ONE OMNI STATION. A first in the industry. After vacuuming, your DEEBOT returns to the station and automatically empties the dustbin providing a hand-free solution. After mopping, it automatically washes the mop heads and dries them with hot air. Experience a whole new level of freedom from cleaning.
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Included in our list of robot vacuums that excel at cleaning edges and corners is the Dreametech L10s Ultra. This vacuum features one side brush and one main cleaning brush to ensure thorough cleaning at the edges and corners.

What really sets it apart, however, is its powerful suction capability of 5300 Pa, which effectively removes dust and debris from any surface.

What We Like: 

  • Long battery life of up to 3 hours for an uninterrupted cleaning experience
  • High suction power of 5300 Pa for efficient cleaning performance
  • Auto-mop washing, self-refilling, and self-emptying capabilities for added convenience

What We Don’t Like:

  • Occasionally it can get stuck, but it could be improved with future updates.

Spec Comparison Chart

Roborock S7 MaxV UltraEcovacs Deebot X1 OmniDreametech L10S Ultra
Mop LiftingYesNoYes
Mop DryingNoYesYes
Obstacle AvoidanceYesYesYes
Smartphone ControlYesYesYes
Zone CleaningYesYesYes
NavigationLiDAR, Camera LiDAR, Camera LiDAR, Camera 
Dust Bin Capacity2.5 L3 L3 L
Water Tank Capacity3 L4 L2.5 L
Suction Power5100 Pa5,000 Pa5,300 Pa
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Top 5 Factors To Consider When Buying A Robot Vacuums For Edges And Corners

When buying a robot vacuum for edges and corners, there are several factors to consider to ensure that the vacuum can effectively clean those hard-to-reach areas.

Here are some of the main factors to keep in mind:

#1. Shape and Size:

Look for a robot vacuum with a slim and compact design that can easily maneuver around edges, corners, and tight spaces.

See our detailed guide on Thin Robot Vacuums That Can Go Under Furniture.

#2. Sensors and Mapping:

Look for a robot vacuum that has sensors and mapping technology to detect and navigate around obstacles and furniture, including edges and corners. This ensures that the vacuum can get as close to edges and corners as possible without getting stuck or damaging furniture.

The average person spends 100-150 hours per year cleaning the floors in their home.

#3. Brushes:

Choose a robot vacuum with side spinning brushes to effectively clean edges and corners. These brushes are designed to sweep dirt and debris from edges and corners and direct them towards the vacuum’s suction port.

A robot vacuum with a spinning brush on the underside can also effectively clean corners.

#4. Mopping Function:

Look for a robot vacuum that also has builtin mopping function. This feature allows the vacuum to mop hard floors while it cleans, ensuring that it can reach and clean edges and corners effectively.

#5. Battery Life:

Choose a robot vacuum with a long battery life, as it ensures that the vacuum can clean your entire space without running out of battery.

A robot vacuum with a docking station that can recharge itself automatically is also a great feature to consider.

Overall, when choosing a robot vacuum for edges and corners, look for a model that has a slim design, mapping and sensor technology, spinning brushes, mopping function, and adequate battery life.

By choosing a robot vacuum with these features, you can ensure that it effectively cleans those hard-to-reach areas in your home.

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Which Types Of Robot Vacuums To Avoid:

Vacuums Without Side Spinning Brushes: A robot vacuum that you should avoid for edge and corner cleaning is one that doesn’t have spinning side brushes.

Without them, the vacuum may not be able to pick up all the dirt and debris in these hard-to-reach areas.

Inflexible Vacuums:

Robot vacuums that are not very flexible are also not ideal for edge and corner cleaning. A vacuum that is not able to turn and pivot easily may not be able to reach all the edges and corners in your home.

Low-Quality Vacuums:

Finally, it’s important to avoid robot vacuums that are of low quality. Cheaper models may not have the necessary features to clean edges and corners effectively, or may not last very long before breaking down.

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Don’t Forget About The Limitations Of Robot Vacuum

Although a robot vacuum is generally good at cleaning floors, edges, and corners, there are certain situations where it may not be very helpful.

For example, the edges and corners of a staircase are often very thin and difficult to reach for a robot vacuum. This means that over time, dust and debris can accumulate in these areas, making it important to clean them regularly.

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The edges of baseboards often get chipped with normal household traffic. Lucky got you I created a guide on protecting baseboard edges from damage.

However, there is a simple trick that you can use to clean even the hard-to-reach areas around the staircase.

First, take a stick and wrap a small piece of cloth around it, then tie a knot with a thread to keep the cloth in place. Next, spray a home cleaning liquid from top to bottom of the staircase (around the edges), and dampen the cloth slightly in water.

Then, use the stick to clean the tight edges and corners around the staircase one by one. This technique will allow you to effectively clean these hard-to-reach areas and ensure that your staircase is free from dust and debris.


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