Can You Use Instant Pot Without a Condensation Collector?

The condensation collector is one of the many accessories that come with an Instant Pot. But being a small attachment, it is likely to be misplaced easily.

Key Takeaways:

Fortunately, the instant Pot can still be operated without a condensation collector. However, the moisture produced will accumulate on the surface your pot is sitting on. Although not recommended, if you decide to use the pot without a condensation collector, make sure to lay a cloth down to absorb moisture.

Keep reading to learn more about the condensation collector, do you really need it, what it does, and more.

What Does the Condensation Collector Do?

A condensation collector is simply a small rectangular cup made of plastic that acts as a catchall for any excess moisture that may escape from the pot. This prevents the surface of your countertop from becoming wet as a result of the moisture.

It is constructed out of BPA-free and food-grade PP plastic. However, because it is a water collector, bacteria can readily proliferate inside of it; therefore, cleaning it well after each use is essential.

Usually, it is suggested that you replace it every six months; however, the frequency with which you use your pot will determine whether or not this is necessary.

Do All Instant Pots Come With a Condensation Collector?

All Instant Pots don’t come with a condensation collector. For instance, some models like the LUX60 V3 don’t come with such a feature.

Some models of Instant Pots don’t come with the spot where you could attach the condensation collector. So don’t be surprised if you don’t find a spot to attach the condensation collector.

In case you have a damaged Instant Pot, we recommend you check our guide to learn if it is safe to use it and how to fix it.

How Important Is the Condensation Collector?

The condensation collector is a little, rectangular plastic cup – a helpful accessory that comes with your Instant Pot.

Its primary purpose is to collect any condensation the instant pot may produce during the cooking process. 

There are a lot of other rice cookers on the market that has it as well.

Some people get away with not using one by placing a dishcloth or something that absorbs moisture under the Instant Pot to prevent spillage over the countertop.

Actually, some users even forget to install it in place and realize it’s missing several months later.

That said, the collector aids in keeping things clean, much like an instant pot. 

The unit is more difficult to clean when liquid leaks from the cooker rather than into the condensation collector. This affects the durability and interferes with maintaining excellent overall cleanliness when cooking.

So overall, it would be a good decision if you have the condensation collector installed.

Where Can I Get a Replacement Condensation Collector?

Thankfully, replacement condensation collectors are available on sites like Amazon. Just make sure to check whether the replacement condensation collector you choose is compatible with your collector or not.

For instance, check out this condensation collector replacement (available on Amazon). It is compatible with the following models:

  • 5 quart
  • 6 quart
  • 8 quart
  • Ultra 60
  • DUO60
  • DUO89
  • LUX80

But it is also essential to highlight that it is not for the 3-quart models of Instant Pot.

Another place where you can find the Instant Pot condensation collector is directly from the brand’s website. For example, you can check this instant pot 5 & 6-quart condensation collector on

That condensation collector is compatible with the following models:

  • Duo 
  • Duo Plus
  • Duo Nova
  • Max
  • Lux
  • Ultra
  • Viva 5 quart

Note that the 8-quart models, 3-quart mini, and the Pro model don’t support this Instant Pot 5 & 6-quart Condensation Collector. So if this doesn’t work for you, try searching on their website. 

You can type in keywords related to the specific model of instant pot you have and the condensation collector. Then, if the items are in stock, you will see the product.

Moreover, another place where you can get the replacement condensation collector is eBay. For example, check this is the Instant Pot condensation collector (on eBay). 

It is essential to ensure the product fits your Instant Model or not – details should be given on the products details page.

We also checked on Walmart and found this Instant Pot condensation collector cup replacement by Zonefly. 

Some of the models it is said to work on are as follows. For more details, you can visit the product page.

  • DUO
  • Ultra 60
  • DUO60
  • DUO89
  • LUX80

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How to Properly Install the Condensation Collector?

Here’s how you can install a condensation collector on your Instant Pot:

  1. First, locate the rear end of your Instant Pot cooker.
  2. Next, hold the condensation collector and align the top of it with the guides on the cooker.
  3. Then, press the collector in the location, and your condensation collector will be attached to the instant pot.

Remember, sliding up or down is not the best way to install the condensation collector. 

If you hold the collector in your hand, you will notice grooves on top of it on both ends. And rails will be present on the instant pot (where you want to attach the collector).

So you have to align the grooves and the rails and press the collector. For more assistance, feel free to follow this video:

YouTube video

How to Clean the Condensation Collector and Other Accessories?

Generally, you can clean your Instant Pot condensation collector in the dishwasher (on the top rack). Alternatively, you can wash it by hand in warm soapy water, rinsing it thoroughly and then allowing it to dry naturally.

You can use the dishwasher to clean the steam rack and any other supplementary accessories that came with your Instant Pot. 

Or, you can manually wash them in hot soapy water and then thoroughly rinse them. Either way is fine.

If you are struggling with stains on your Instant Pot, don’t forget to check our guide on the top 5 easy ways to remove stains from your Instant Pot.


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